An audience with Sir Terry Pratchett at Ely Cathedral for the launch of Dodger

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Mutterings

My human was quite in quite an excitable way on Monday, disappearing off in the early evening and not coming home again until quite late. Apparently, he  went to see Sir Terry Pratchett at Ely Cathedral for the launch of his new book, Dodger.

Sir Terry Pratchett

Sir Terry was in fine fettle and ably assisted by his, er, assistant, Rob Wilkins.

Let’s take a moment to examine this situation. The Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Ely,  the principal church of the Diocese of Ely, has a book launch event for Sir Terry Pratchett (organised by the local and excellent Toppings bookshop). Sir Terry is well known for his Fantasy novels comprising the Discworld series, a world steeped in sorcery, magic, a fair dose of headology and more gods, goddesses and religions than a multi-armed deity could reasonably shake a stick at.  Sir Terry is a self proclaimed atheist with strong views on assisted euthanasia, views at odds with most religious faiths.

Therefore, you might not be surprised to know that there were several points during the event with Sir Terry where he went off on one, much to the embarrassment of Rob, who visibly squirmed in his chair during those moments.

Only a lucky one-hundred people were chosen, literally by pulling names from a hat, from the thirteen-hundred people who attended the event. Each of these ‘chosen ones’ got to meet Sir Terry in person and have a picture taken with him, as well as to receive a signed book plate insert. My human was one of the lucky one-hundred. Unfortunately, I can only to tell humans apart by their smell. They pretty much all  look the same to me otherwise, so here is a random picture of Sir Terry with one of the lucky chosen few.

Sir Terry and some other random human.

Sir Terry seems to be cranking the output handle at his usual prolific pace and shows no signs of slowing down.  He spoke of several projects in the pipeline including a possible television series based on the characters of the City Guard.

In a BBC interview the next day (and still wearing his top hat), Sir Terry revealed that he is more affected by the aches and pains of old age (he is 64 after all) than by onset of Alzheimer’s disease. He says it’s his will to write that keeps him going.



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