Endorsing the Salacious Citrus

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Mutterings

Hmmm! How arousing!

Cath Murphy and Eve Harvey.

Individually, they are chaste and modest  ladies; Loving to their husbands, doting on their offspring, kindly to the elderly and small animals. However, put them together and they become a force of nature more devastating than a hurricane, hotter than a volcano. It can only be divine intervention that has caused Cath to be located in the frozen North of Scandinavia, physically separated from her cohort, Eve, by the North sea. If these two should  ever physically meet it could result in the end of this world as we know it.

A taster of the potential devastation they might cause, should their mass become critical (NOT a fat joke, Cath!), can be sampled from their combined blog and podcast,  ‘Slutty Lemon‘ (also available on iTunes).

Never was a blog/podcast more aptly named. These minxes are rude, crude, filthy and tasteless. Yet, at the same time, their commentary is cut with the acidic bitterness of true cynics. Awesome!

With each podcast I am certain that they have have reached the  lowest low. It can only be raw talent that allows them to outdo themselves and go even lower with the next. Always surprising and never disappointing.

I am Impotent Verse and I endorse these smutty fruit loops.




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