How did I do that?

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Mutterings, Stories

Occasionally, I like to googlewhack myself or stories I have published. Now, googlewhacking is nothing to be ashamed of, everyone does it when in the privacy of their own home, when they are bored or can’t sleep. Some people do it more often than others. So, I was googwhacking my short story, Less Of Her, which I used in my adventures in self-publishing (Part 1 – Wattpad, Part 2 – Smashwords) and I got hits for the story on iTunes and WHSmiths (UK Newsagents/franchise).

How did I do that?

I didn’t but I am not complaining, as I have previously stated, I am an attention whore.


Less Of Her at iTunes

 Less Of Her on iTunes.


Less Of Her at WHSmith

I am slightly concerned that the iTunes link seems to offer a preview with a view to purchase. Not allowing anything fruity on my hardware and barely owning any products from Apple, I am in no position to investigate.  So, I hope it is free there. I would hate to think someone else was making money off it when I give it away for free. On the WHSmith site, it is free – so I am quite happy with that.

After a brief investigation, I discovered this is down to my eBook achieving premium status on smashwords. A book carefully formatted to meet the criteria will automatically be distributed to a number Major Retailers. I did not know this because I did not read the small print. Colour you surprised.

So, that’s nice.  I’m off to spam all my social media contacts about this happy news.

  1. Less Of Her, is now available at Barnes & Noble for the Nook or for download.


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