Adventures in Self-Publishing – Part 4: goodreads

Posted: August 15, 2013 in Mutterings


Continuing my adventures with self-publishing, I finally pulled my finger out and put my short story ‘Less Of Her’ on goodreads. If you’re not familiar with the site, it is a social media site (yes, another one) focused around, you guessed it, reading books. You can record all the books you’ve read, rate them and review them. On the social side, you can connect to friends, compare your libraries, get involved in forums and discussions. As an author, the site also lets you connect with your readers, set competitions, announce events and so forth.

Adding a new book listing to goodreads is child’s play, simply search for any book title and you can find links to either import books or manually add a book in the right hand corner. I chose the latter and merely filled in the details, including the ISBN generated when I originally published ‘Less Of Her’ on Smashwords.

This will create the page and listing for your ebook. Then next step is to join the goodreads author program. This is a very painless process but if you haven’t already set up a goodreads account and profile, you will need one. It took less than a day to get my author dashboard which enabled to claim ‘Less Of Her’ as my work.

Now people can read and rate your work, follow you and shower praises upon you. Nice!

But wait, there’s more. As an author you can use the special author’s dashboard to upload a copy of your work to the goodreads site. It has to be in the ePub reader format (compatible with Kindle and most other readers). Once that has been uploaded you can allow people to download it or even read it on the goodreads site in their dedicated reader. You can set how much of a preview can be read as a percentage – up to 100% if, like me, you’re doing for the adoration not the money.

There is also a goodreads widget that you can add to your own website or blog, but I haven’t played with that yet.

That’s it. Off you go, don’t forget to give me 5-stars.




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