I am a common Jack Russell Terrier. I enjoy long walks, chasing rabbits, fetching my yellow rubber ball and writing speculative fiction stories.

Your offering of a bone shaped hard biscuit intrigues me.

Your offering of a bone shaped hard biscuit intrigues me.

This is my place for rambling and muttering about the stuff that I write, the stuff that I can get published, and the stuff I think is interesting. Your mileage may vary. Sometimes, there may be jokes of a dubious nature.

I love feedback and comments, please give generously.


  1. Karen B. Kaplan says:

    Dear Verse,

    It was so nice to read your story, Less of Her, a second time. The ending surprised me just as much as it did the first time i read it on Aphelion. And I love the title.

    Your contacting me via Google is timely, as I have just started a blog on WordPress last week! It’s called offbeatcompassion.wordpress.com it’s related to my book about visiting hospice patients; I was a hospice chaplain for 7 years and have plenty of quirky and even funny stories to tell, all MINUS any religious message.

    If you are a dog, then please reply to my “meeoww.”

    But why is”impotent” part of your name? That makes me sad. Sincerely, Karen

  2. pahosler says:

    I want to follow your blog, but I’m not sure how 😦

    • Hi Paul,
      I’ve added an RSS feed widget to the right side bar. If you use an RSS aggregator, such as Google Reader you can add it there.
      Alternatively, if you follow me on Twitter (There is also a button for that in the right menu bar), I tend to post when I put a new blog entry up.
      Thanks for your interest.


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