Published Stories


published by Aphelion-Webzine, April 2013.

Meera was tired. After milleniums of life, nothing was new or interesting any more. It was time to go home, time to die, but even the plans of immortals can go wrong… (Science Fiction)

A Digital Orange

published by Quantum Muse, March 2013.

What if you took a monster, someone who had done monstrous deeds, and gave them empathy, compassion? (Science Fiction)


 published by Quantum Muse, December 2012.

What is stranger, the notes Jack finds between the pages of his library books or that he takes them very seriously? (Science Fiction).

Sleeping Dogs Lie

published by Aphelion-Webzine, October 2012.

Joe is a mystic, a medium, he talks to the dead. But what is he really, and what will be the consequences of finding out? (Urban Fantasy)

Less Of Her

published by Aphelion-Webzine, August 2012.

For Claudia, Lumi is an exciting new obsession; extroverted, exotic and equally fascinated with Claudia. They have much in common but their secrets will tear them apart. (Science Fiction)

Available in all e-reader formats at Smashwords and for mobile platforms at Wattpad.

The Woman At Table Twelve

 published by Every Day Fiction, February 2012.

The dangers of speed-dating and stalkers. (Thriller/Horror)



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